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5 Fab Graduation Gift Ideas

5 Fab Graduation Gift Ideas

Whether you’re celebrating your grad from near or far this year, it’s more important than ever to make them feel special. The school year isn’t ending the way most students would hope, with proms, athletic events, and graduations continuing to look very different. This is all the more reason to celebrate and send those you care about off to the next chapter of their lives in a big way!

While it might be tempting to send a card with some cash or to pick up a gift card at the checkout lane, we’ve got you covered with the best college or high school graduation gifts for your special grads. Top off the gift with a thoughtful card and you’ll be all set!

1: Furry friend to-go!

Whether your grad is going to college or heading to a new city for work, they’ll be missing the family pet back with mom or dad. There are lots of independent artists that create super-cool pet portraits for a lovely reminder of that furry friend. Take your finished piece to your local FastFrame store and we’ll custom frame your artwork for the perfect keepsake to remind them of home. For a more budget-friendly option, you can always have that special pooch photo from your phone printed and expertly framed for an equally elevated gift.

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2: Put it all in the bag!

For the graduate headed to college, start by purchasing a quality backpack. There are lots of brands out there that combine sleek design with high-quality materials that will hold up to the heavy books your new college student will be lugging around. Make sure the backpack has a protected pouch to hold a laptop or tablet.

Once you’ve found a neat backpack, fill it with some of their favorite things. No matter how excited they are to start college, the transition can be a little scary—especially if they’re moving away from home. Having some favorite snacks or a new journal can go a long way to add some ease. You could even kick it up a notch and slip a fancy new laptop in the bag! For your college-grad entering the workforce, upgrade the backpack to a leather shoulder bag or a briefcase—but don’t forget the snacks!

3: Deck out their nightstand!

For those students heading off to college, dorm-life can be an adjustment. Help make their room feel like home by theming some gifts around their nightstand. A sound machine will be great to provide some relaxation after a stressful test and will help drown out a snoring roommate. Have a special family photo framed—FastFrame can help you choose the perfect size for their nightstand. Plus, with the quality of our custom frames, this gift will last well beyond their college years. Lastly, pick up a stylish all-in-one charging station. These come in a variety of colors and can conveniently accommodate your grad’s phone, wireless earbuds, and tech watch.

4: Switch out the gift card for a membership card!

Research museums or galleries in the new city your college grad is moving to and give them the gift of membership! After just starting out, your grad friend might be on a tight budget. Single tickets to the museum or gallery can get expensive and might be something they won’t treat themselves to. That’s where you come in! A membership will encourage your grad to explore their new city and soak up the local culture—all while not breaking the bank!

5: Food is love!

If your loved one enjoys cooking, gift them Grandma’s chocolate pie recipe or your famous spaghetti bolognese recipe—and not just written out on a card. Immortalize the favorite family recipe by having it custom-framed! You can frame an original copy or make your own version by typing it up, choosing a fun font, and printing it on nice paper—all turning it into a memento your child can hand down to future generations. You could even turn this into a gift basket by adding in some of the non-perishable ingredients to get them ready to start cooking!

Now, if your grad isn’t much of a cook, food subscriptions are a great gift that keeps on giving! Go for an artisan snack or cheese box or a meal prep kit. These kits include step-by-step recipes and all of the needed ingredients—even the spices! This can be a great way to introduce your family member to cook for themselves, even when you’re far away!

Happy gifting! Let’s face it—whether it’s your own child, a niece, or friend—teenagers and young adults aren’t the easiest groups of people to shop for. However, with any one of these tips you’ll be sure to make your grad feel loved. And don’t forget to come and see us at FastFrame—we’d love to be a part of creating that perfect memento!

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