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6 Easy Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment

6 Easy Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment

Moving into your first apartment is exciting, but decorating a new place can be daunting! Good news: you can create a comfortable, inviting space that is stylish and functional even on a modest budget! Whether you’re transitioning from a dorm room or moving out of your parent’s house, we’re here to guide you on your decorating journey. Simply follow our easy tips to make your new place feel like home in no time!

Create an Entryway

The front door tends to be a magnet for clutter, but a little organization can go a long way! Create a landing spot for keys and mail—if you don’t have room for a table, try wall-mounted shelves. Add hooks for jackets and a tray or rack for shoes. If you’ve got roommates, consider a sleek storage unit with cubbies for each person. A mirror and some custom-framed art on the wall completes the look!

Upgrade your Seating

It’s time to get a real sofa (sorry, that old futon from your parents’ basement doesn’t count!) Opt for something with durable, stain-resistant fabric in a color you won’t get tired of in six months. Add in an accent chair and maybe even an ottoman that can do double-duty as a coffee table and extra seating. If money is tight, peruse a secondhand marketplace for unique furniture that works with your budget.

Hang Up Art—The Right Way

Step away from the tape! We’ve all haphazardly slapped a poster on the wall in our youth, but if you want an adult apartment, you should custom frame your art. Custom framing allows you to choose the perfect size, frame style, and mat color to highlight your art and decorate your new home. Consider framing a poster from your favorite band, an original piece by a local student artist or photos of family and friends. A budget-friendly option: custom-frame a few of your favorite pieces and mix with vintage finds from the thrift store.

Give Your Windows the Royal Treatment

Does anyone else remember that guy from college who hung sheets in his windows? Don’t be that guy! Window treatments instantly give your place a polished look. Wooden blinds and fabric shades look great, but they can get expensive, so we recommend simple curtain rods and curtains. They add color, pattern, and texture to your room and they’re surprisingly easy to install. Try sheers in the living room to filter the light and blackout curtains in the bedroom to get a better night’s sleep.

Buy a Bedframe

If you’re guilty of having a mattress on the floor, it’s time to buy a bed frame! It elevates the room (and it literally elevates you!) Whether you choose a wood, metal, or upholstered frame, opt for one with a headboard—it will make a design statement and you won’t have to rest your head against the wall anymore. If space is tight in your room, consider getting a storage bed with built-in drawers to stash your stuff.

Add in Some Layers

Put the finishing touch on any room by layering in decorative accents. Pop a textured rug in the living room and add colorful pillows and a chunky throw to the sofa. Try a patterned runner in the hallway and fun hand towels in the kitchen. Add in stylish lighting, cute trays to corral smaller items, and plants in pretty pots. And don’t forget about your walls! Dress them up with custom-framed art that shows off your unique taste. Try artwork in unexpected places, like the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our six easy tips for decorating your first apartment! Beautifully framed artwork is a must, so be sure to stop by a FastFrame store for all your custom-framing needs!

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