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6 Ingenious Places You Can Put a Gallery Wall​

6 Ingenious Places You Can Put a Gallery Wall

News flash: you don’t need a huge blank wall in the living room to create a stunning gallery wall! With a bit of wall space, some custom-framed art, and a little elbow grease, you can refresh any area of your home with a wow-worthy wall display. Read on to discover the six most ingenious places you can create a gallery wall!


A display above your stairs will bring you joy every time you go up and down the steps! This is an especially nice spot for favorite custom-framed family photos.

● Since this is a high-traffic area, secure the corners of frames with museum putty to keep them straight.
● Stagger frames so they’re parallel to the steps, using the railing as a rough guide for where the lowest edge of your arrangement will hang.


Hallways don’t often get much thought—after all, we’re usually just passing through them! But they’re actually a great space for having a little more fun with your decor, making them perfect for a gallery wall display.

● Make a statement—try art with bold colors and eye-catching frames.
● Hallways can be dark, so try incorporating mirrors to brighten up your display.

Laundry Room

Laundry can be a dull chore, so why not make it more fun with an arrangement of custom-framed art? Even just a few framed pieces can brighten your day and make the task at hand more enjoyable!

● Custom frame art and photos that inspire you and make you happy.
● Laundry rooms can have a lot going on—try matching frames to give your display a cohesive feel and keep it from looking too busy.

Kid’s Room

A kid’s room is a great space to display artwork they’ve created, fun family photos, their favorite movie posters, and more! A gallery wall allows you to make a charming arrangement that can grow and change as they do.

● Be sure to opt for acrylic glazing instead of glass for safety.
● Have artwork and photos custom-framed in identical sizes so they are easy to swap out when the display needs a refresh.

Pantry or Closet

This one may seem like an odd suggestion, but hear us out! Hanging custom-framed artwork in unexpected places adds joy to your day and makes your home more uniquely you.

● Create a themed display, like vintage food ads for a pantry or fashion photography for a closet.
● If space is tight, create an arrangement of miniature pieces—custom framing allows you to create frames as small as you like!

Powder Room

Because you spend minimal time in them and they’re self-contained, small bathrooms are a great place to play around with your style. When choosing custom-framed wall decor, don’t be afraid to embrace your inner maximalist!

● Go for a the-more-the-merrier approach with an eclectic gallery wall or a grid with lots of smaller framed pieces.
● When choosing artwork, experiment with mixing colors and patterns that may feel too busy in other parts of the house.

No matter where you put it, there’s one key to creating a stunning gallery wall: custom framing your art! You can pick the exact size, mat color, and frame style that complements your artwork and enhances your wall display. Browse all the unique, handcrafted options at your local FastFrame store today!

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