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6 Custom-Framed Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

6 Custom-Framed Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Discover the perfect present

Want to surprise your sweetheart with a unique gift this Valentine’s Day? Choose custom framing! From engagement photos and wedding invitations to ticket stubs and bar coasters, you can frame just about anything that’s meaningful to your relationship. The best Valentine’s Day gifts come from the heart and will make your partner happy for years to come—which makes custom framing the perfect present! Choose one of our six unique custom-framing ideas for a gift that’s guaranteed to wow your valentine.

Frame a memento from your first date

Remind your sweetie of when you first met with a custom-framed memento from your first date! Maybe you’re the sentimental sort and you saved the movie ticket stubs or you snatched a coaster from the bar—your framer can create a lovely display with those special items. If you don’t tend to hold onto mementos, there are other options! You may be able to retroactively get a reminder of your first date in person or hunt down a keepsake online. You can also frame a photo of the place you met or a screenshot of the first time you chatted!

Frame a love poem

Is there a poem or quote that perfectly expresses your love? Have it custom framed! We think it’s even more special if you handwrite it on some nice paper, but you can always type it up or buy a printed version if your DIY skills aren’t quite up to task. If you’re feeling especially inspired, you can express your love in your own words! It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, as long as it comes from the heart. Write a simple poem or list 20 things you love best about your relationship.

Frame a favorite candid photo

A selfie of you and your partner at a baseball game, a sunset snapped during your dream vacation together, a photo of that romantic picnic in the park—you probably have hundreds of pictures that would make amazing gifts when custom framed! If your photos are on your phone, do yourself a favor and make a folder for favorites. Pop extra-special pictures in there every time you come across one so you have all the very best options in one place. (You can do the same thing for physical photos with a folder or box.)

Frame a custom portrait

Your valentine will be delighted to receive a custom portrait made just for them! You can order a drawing, painting, or digital image of the two of you (or the whole family), your shared home, or a beloved pet. No matter what your budget or favored art style, you’ll find a multitude of options! Simply browse talented artists on an online craft marketplace to find the style and price point that fit best. Artists will ask you for reference photos, so make sure you have your favorites handy. After you get your custom portrait, you simply must get it custom framed!

Frame a milestone moment

Those big moments in a relationship—engagements, weddings, the birth of a child—are certainly joyous occasions, but they can happen so quickly! Custom framing is a great way to commemorate those special moments and make them last. Engagement photos, wedding invitations, and birth announcements all make fantastic custom-framed Valentine’s Day gifts. But every relationship is different, so choose the milestones that are important to you. You can also commemorate the day you adopted your dog or the first apartment you rented together!

Frame a special song

Most couples have a song that instantly brings a smile to their faces and reminds them of their love. That song can be turned into custom-framed art! A quick search for personalized song lyric art yields a plethora of options in many different styles. Choose your favorite and have it custom framed to make it even more unique. If you and your honey are music lovers, there are even more great gift options! Concert tickets, album covers, sheet music, tour posters, festival wristbands, and even concert tees can all get the custom-framing treatment.

Be sure to visit your local FastFrame store for all your custom framing needs. Our talented designers will create a display as beautiful and long-lasting as your love!

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