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How to Mix & Match Frames for a Gallery Wall

How to Mix & Match Frames for a Gallery Wall

The gorgeous gallery walls you see on social media are easier to create than you think! A wall of perfectly curated frames can look intimidating, but you don’t need a design degree to mix and match frames like a pro. Simply follow our fail-proof tips—you’ll learn how to mix frame styles, materials, and colors with confidence, so you can create the gallery wall of your dreams!

What’s your style?

Everyone’s style is different, so everyone’s ideal gallery wall will also be different. Before starting on your gallery wall, think about your style. What is the decor like in your home? Traditional, modern, or eclectic? What are the current colors, patterns, and materials in the space? Do you want your gallery wall to blend with existing decor or stand out and set the mood for your space?

For traditional taste, we suggest elegant frames with a strong unifying element (such as color or material). If your style is modern, you’ll do best with a mix of simple, streamlined frames. If you’re more eclectic, you can go for a combination of different styles, mixed materials, and fun colors.

Whatever your style, you should fill your gallery wall with custom-framed pieces. Custom framing allows you to enhance your decor and bring out the best in your art with unique, handcrafted mouldings. You’ll also be able to get the exact size frames you need, which is essential for a wall display that perfectly fits your space. Head to your local FastFrame store to get started on your show-stopping gallery wall today!

Frame Styles: Choose One or Mix & Match?

If you have traditional taste, you’ll be happier sticking with one general frame style. Very ornate styles can become overwhelming when they cover an entire wall, so we advise choosing well-crafted mouldings with just enough detail or simpler frames made of high-quality materials like walnut or mahogany.

If your space is modern, simpler frames will suit your style best. Skip any frames with ornate detailing as they have more of a vintage look. Just remember that simple doesn’t mean boring! You can have fun with varying frame materials, widths, and colors.

For an eclectic look, mixing and matching styles is essential! Aim for a balanced combination of traditional/vintage and simple/modern frames. Ornate detailing and bold colors tend to catch the eye—rather than filling your wall with them, use these types of frames as accents so they don’t dominate your composition. It’s all about balance!

Frame styles:
● Decorative mouldings have a vintage look, good for traditional and eclectic taste
● Use overly ornate frames sparingly
● Simple frames can be tailored to any style through material, width, and color choices

Frame Colors: Choose One or Mix & Match?

For a simpler, unified look, choose one frame color. This option is especially recommended for a varied assortment of artwork; using the same frame color will make it feel like a cohesive collection. (You can keep it interesting by choosing different width frames and having fun with mats.) One frame color works for grid gallery walls and varied arrangements.

If you want to have a bit more fun without getting overwhelmed, choose two frame colors. Some classic combos: black + white, gold + white, bold color + black, two different wood tones. Choose one color for two-thirds or three-fourths of your frames and use the other color as an accent. Or get an equal number of both and try a grid layout alternating the colors.

To create an extra funky gallery wall, go wild with color! The secret to this type of arrangement is having a varied assortment that still looks balanced. An eclectic look can combine different wood tones, metallic finishes, and fun colors. Feel free to choose frames in bold colors, just make sure they don’t overwhelm your artwork or the overall gallery wall composition.

Color Frames:
● Black and white are classic options
● Metallic finishes have a luxe feel
● Neutrals can complement tones in your art and room
● Colors can highlight undertones in your art and enhance the room
● Have fun with different frame and mat color combinations

Frame Materials: Choose One or Mix & Match?

Just like with style and color, choosing one frame material will have the most unified look. One material style still offers plenty of visual interest. Someone with modern style can opt for streamlined metal frames in different finishes. A bohemian space would look great with wood frames in a range of light tones, while a traditional room might mix frames made of luxe, dark woods.

That being said, you can mix materials even if you don’t want an eclectic look. The best way to do this is to choose a metal frame and pair it with a colored frame. Two tips: choose simple styles and avoid mouldings with vastly different widths. We especially like pairing gold + white and silver + black.

If you do want an eclectic look, you can mix materials to your heart’s desire! Try pairing a metal frame with natural wood and painted options. This style can be even more funky when you add in more dimensional wall decor, like masks, plaques, and wall planters!

Frame Materials:
● Wood adds warmth and a natural element
● Metal has a sleek, modern look
● A color finish in classic neutral or fun color complements art and your decor

We hope our step-by-step guide to mixing frames gives you the confidence to create your dream gallery wall!

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