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5 Ways to Impress a Custom Framer

5 Ways to Impress a Custom Framer


Why bother impressing your custom framer? Shouldn’t they be impressing you? Yes and yes. Your local FastFrame craftspeople will surely leave you dazzled—but there’s actually much you can do to help them. Having the answers to these 5 questions will not just leave your custom framer impressed, but will set them up to take your finished project from fab to next level fabulous! 

Whether you’re working to bring your own vision to life or you’re shopping for a gift for a  loved one, using a seasoned framing expert can make all the difference in the project. However, your own knowledge and input will truly make all of the difference. Your FastFrame designer will most likely ask you these questions to ensure your custom framed piece will complement the home and the piece.

1. How large is your space?

You don’t want your frame to feel disproportionate to the space. The height and width of your walls will help determine the style, size, and shape that will best fit the space. Most homes have ceilings that are at least 7 feet high, but every home is different. Bust out the tape measure and take note for your framer.

Read our previous blog on choosing the right size art for your space for more info: here

2. What color are your walls?

Go beyond a generic description of your wall color to really paint the picture for your framer. Emphasize undertones and any other paint colors featured in your room. Pictures are a great place to start, but bringing in a paint swatch is even better!

3. What wood tone is your furniture and flooring?

Dark woodwork? Light flooring? Cherry or walnut furniture? No wood at all?! All of this information will help your framer select the right frame to match or complement your room. They’ve got plenty of options!

4. How would you define your home décor style?

Maybe you’re modern and trendy, or classic and elegant, or even shabby chic—no matter your style, your local FastFrame has hundreds of options to choose from! (Don’t worry, your framer knows exactly which ones will complete your look!)

5. Do you have any inspirations?

Fabric samples, photos, magazine cutouts—anything! The more you bring in for reference, the better. Are there any displays that inspire you? Or concepts you’d like to avoid? Search Instagram and Pinterest to find things you like and dislike.

While having the answers to these questions is great, if you honestly don’t know where to start or are gift shopping—FastFrame still has you covered. Our framers can still take you from vague concepts to a beautiful completed piece. Framing is our specialty and we have decades of experience creating the perfect custom framed complement to all kinds of spaces.

Find your nearest FastFrame store to start custom framing.

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