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6 Tips For Framing Kids’ Art

6 Tips For Framing Kids’ Art

You love every masterpiece your little Picasso creates, but there’s only so much room on the fridge! Instead of letting it clutter the kitchen or sticking it in a storage box, give your kiddo’s artwork the royal treatment and get it custom-framed! Follow our six easy tips for choosing what to frame, how to custom frame it, and how to display it. In no time, you’ll have a heart-warming display that personalizes your home and shows your little artist how proud you are of their art!

How to Choose

While it’s tempting to close your eyes and say, “eeny, meeny, miny, moe…” to choose which artwork to frame, we have a better idea—go with your heart! Take a good look at all the options. Which ones are you instinctively drawn to? Which ones immediately make you happy? Whether it’s the colors, the style, or the memories it conjures, choose art that you love to look at and you’ll never regret getting it custom framed.

Here’s a tip to make the process less overwhelming: children generate a lot of artwork, so it’s a good idea to go through it every few months and save your favorites. Once a year, you can go through your pile of favorites and choose the most special pieces to custom frame.

Keep it Simple

We’re fans of intricately detailed mouldings in the right setting, but for kids’ artwork, we advise keeping things simple. We recommend frames that are simple, modern, and on the thinner side for a clean look that will allow your child’s artwork to be the star of the show. Opt for black or white for a classic look, wood for a warm, earthy vibe, or metallics for a touch of modern luxury. If you want to have fun with color, go for it! Children’s artwork often has vibrant palettes that are well-suited to colorful frames.

Float it

When you’re choosing mat options, consider opting for a float mount, which elevates the art by raising it slightly off the mat. Float mounting creates depth, so it’s great for textured art that features thick paints, glitter, or even pipe cleaners! It also showcases the unique edges of the art so you can display your child’s entire masterpiece. This style of mounting creates a touch of drama that will make your kiddo’s art look museum-worthy!

If you’d like to pick a color mat, choose one that highlights the art’s undertones (the third or fourth most predominant color.) If you’re unsure about using colors, a white mat or another light neutral is a classic choice that works with any style. For more mat tips, check out one of our previous blog articles Mats Matter! How to Choose the Perfect Mat. 

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Make a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is a fun way to display all your favorite custom-framed artwork created by your little one. Try dedicating one wall in their bedroom or playroom for a display that can be added to as they grow. Kids’ artwork often features bold colors and abstract shapes, but you can give the display a more uniform look by sticking to the same type of frame for all the art.

Another option is to mix and match your child’s art in a gallery wall with other artists’ work. This is a fun way to incorporate those special pieces with the decor in the rest of your home.

Try a Ledge

A picture ledge has all the wow factor of a gallery wall—without the commitment! This option is perfect if you’d like to easily swap out your kiddo’s art to refresh the display. Just like with a gallery wall, if the artwork you’re displaying has varied color palettes and styles, you’ll get a more cohesive look by using the same kind of frames. (Of course, if you like an eclectic look, you can mix and match your frames!) Make the most of your picture ledge real estate by layering frames, but be sure to only layer them two deep—any more will look bulky.

Small, but Mighty

If you don’t have room for a gallery wall or picture ledges, try a smaller display that still makes a statement. Custom framing elevates and enhances artwork so even a simple arrangement can have a big impact in your space. Choose one extra special piece that can stand on its own. Or, if you have a few pieces that feature the same colors or style, try framing them as a diptych (a group of two) or a triptych (a group of three). Think of unexpected places you can hang your kiddo’s art—like a laundry room or powder room—where it will make you smile every time you see it!

We hope our six easy tips have inspired you to create a beautiful display of your little one’s cherished artwork! Get started by browsing our premium selection of handcrafted frames at your local FastFrame store.

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