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4 Ways to Honor Memorial Day

4 Ways to Honor Memorial Day

Memorial Day is often dubbed the official start of summer. Many beaches and swimming pools officially open and the day is often spent grilling burgers and hot dogs in the backyard with family. Although these modern traditions are fun, let’s try to remember this day is also meant for  solemn remembrance. Read on to check out just a handful of ways we can all honor this day. 

1. Learn the History

Taking a moment to study the roots of any holiday is a great way to commemorate it. The practice of honoring those who have fallen in battle, as we do on Memorial Day, actually dates back thousands of years to the ancient Greeks. They would hold annual days of remembrance for not only soldiers, but other lost loved ones as well. Americans eventually found themselves fully embracing this notion formally towards the end of the 1800s to remember those fallen in the Civil War.

2. Lower Your Flag (or Hang One!)

While Memorial Day traditions have evolved over the years, there are still some formal ways America officially celebrates. While the flag should be hung at half-staff until noon on Memorial Day—at home try hanging a flag on your porch or balcony to honor those who have given their lives for our country. Or even visit your local FastFrame store to have your flag beautifully custom framed. You can also set a 3 PM alarm on your phone as a reminder to pause for the official National Moment of Remembrance on this day.

3. Frame Medals

For year-around remembrance, find a spot in your home to honor the veterans in your own family. A small gallery wall above a bookcase or in your home office is simple to create and makes a profound statement. Custom framers are able to use special techniques to preserve old military photos and make them look more distinguished than ever. You can also frame individual medals or turn a box of medals, dog tags, and other keepsakes into a memorial collage. Just bring your special pieces to our designers at FastFrame and they can help you create a collage of your items in a shadow box. Not only will this give them a home of honor, but these irreplaceable items will be protected for a lifetime.

4. Wear a Poppy

Red poppy pins are often sold on street corners and outside supermarkets by veteran’s groups as a way to raise money and pay homage. You can also make your own with the kiddos! Wearing a red poppy on Memorial Day actually began with a World War I poem written by a Canadian Lieutenant Colonel after spotting bright red poppies poking through the battle-ravaged land across northern France and northern Belgium. The poppy has continued to be used as a symbol of remembrance for our modern Memorial Day.

While there are certainly more than four ways you can celebrate Memorial Day, we hope these ideas provide a starting point to make this day more special than ever! We especially look forward to seeing you at your local FastFrame this season to combine our expertise with your special mementos to honor the veterans in your life.

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