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How to Embrace the Natural Design Trend Now

How to Embrace the Natural Design Trend Now

After so much time spent inside our homes last year, many of us still can’t get enough of the outdoors! It’s no surprise that natural design, which brings the outdoors in, is so popular. This trend utilizes natural materials and textures, organic shapes, earthy colors, and botanical-inspired prints and patterns.

Natural elements create a comforting atmosphere that reminds us of stability and growth. Not only is natural design calming and beautiful, but we also think it’s one of the easiest trends to incorporate into your home—read on to discover why!

Natural Materials

Natural materials are a key component of this trend. You most likely own some pieces made of natural materials already, so it will be simple to layer in a few more. Look for furniture made of wood (especially lighter-colored options), rattan, or bamboo. For upholstered pieces and textiles, choose leather, linen, and cotton. Seek out decor and embellishments featuring jute or seagrass, terracotta, natural stone, wool, and sheepskin.

Decor ideas:
● Opt for durable wooden furniture made from white oak or beech
● Hang custom-framed art in a mix of wooden frames
● Put easy-care plants in woven baskets
● Add soft sheepskin pillows to the sofa
● Try leather drawer pulls
● Install breezy linen curtains

Organic Shapes

Organic shapes are having a resurgence with the natural design trend. A welcome contrast to flat-packed furniture and severe silhouettes, organic shapes feature gentle curves and undulating lines. Natural forms are soft and inviting—ideal for creating a comforting home.

Decor ideas:
● Try a sofa or accent chair with soft curves
● Make a statement with a large circular mirror
● Custom frame art with round abstract shapes or curved lines
● Toss round throw pillows on the sofa
● Opt for a curved or round light fixture

Natural Colors

Natural colors can have the same soothing effect as spending time in nature. As technology advances and our lives get busier and busier, many of us are drawn to calming, natural colors. When choosing a palette, go for earth tones, warm neutrals, soothing blues, and fresh greens.

Decor ideas:
● Paint your walls a warm neutral color
● Custom frame a collection of art with an earthy palette or lush green tones
● Layer bedding in sandy neutrals and muted greens
● Experiment with an accent chair in soothing blue or soft pink
● Mix in earth tone textiles (throw blankets, curtains, place mats, etc.)

Botanical Inspiration

Botanical-inspired prints and patterns truly bring the outdoors in. Look for textiles, wall coverings, and art that feature flowers, greenery, and even animals! These natural designs will add a pop of color and refresh any room in your home.

Decor ideas:
● Create a beautiful gallery wall with custom-framed botanical art
● Choose curtains with an abstract floral print
● Pick an accent wall and cover it with leafy wallpaper
● Go for a shower curtain with a fun jungle design
● Add a pop of color to the kitchen or bathroom with botanical print hand towels
● Try a tablecloth or table runner with a modern floral design

Did you notice what each element of the natural design trend has in common? They are all enhanced by custom framing! Custom framing allows you to pick the exact size, mat color, and frame style that complements your artwork and elevates your decor. So if you’re ready to dip your toe into the natural design trend, start with custom framing! Browse all the unique, handcrafted options at your local FastFrame store. Talk to our designers about your color scheme and preferred style and create unique pieces that will bring your walls to life.

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