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How to Swap Your Art Seasonally​

How to Swap Your Art Seasonally

Seasons change—and so should your art! Swapping your artwork is a fun way to refresh your decor and welcome the new season into your home. You may already have areas of your home that you decorate seasonally, so simply add some custom-framed artwork into the mix. Read on for our favorite seasonal art ideas and the most impactful ways to swap your custom-framed art.

Seasonal Art Ideas

– Abstract art with autumn colors
– Photography of the changing leaves
– Vintage Halloween prints
– Wintry landscapes
– Holiday-themed art
– Black & white photography
– Pastel watercolors
– Art made from pressed flowers
– Prints with spring florals
– Art with bright colors & bold patterns
– Vacation photos
– Prints with lush botanicals

Create a big impact with small art

Even a small piece of art can have a major impact when it is beautifully custom-framed. Smaller pieces work well in unexpected places, like a kitchen, bathroom, or a reading nook. It may sound counterintuitive, but you can get away with bold art in small spaces that you don’t spend a lot of time in, like a hallway, powder room, or even a pantry. So have fun with your smaller pieces! Don’t be afraid of color or pattern—it won’t feel too busy in little doses. (Smaller pieces are also less expensive, making them a good option for the budget-conscious.)

Swap a statement piece

Do you have a mantel or another focal point in your room that you like to decorate seasonally? Consider swapping the art as well (or adding custom-framed art if you don’t have any up!) Switching up a statement piece will give your room a total refresh and trading out artwork is much easier (and less expensive) than getting a new sofa or accent chair! Choose art that speaks to you and evokes a seasonal feeling, whether that’s through the palette or the subject matter. If you’re framing a very large piece, consider sticking with a simpler frame style so you don’t overwhelm your space.

Switch it up with a picture ledge

Picture ledges allow you to easily swap your custom-framed artwork seasonally, or just whenever the mood strikes you! Your arrangement will look best with a unifying element, such as the same frame color or material, a similar color palette for the art, or artwork in the same medium or style. Custom framing will enable you to create framed artwork that looks great displayed together and can easily be mixed and matched. If you want to overlap your frames, be sure to only layer them two deep—any more will look bulky

Give your gallery wall a boost

Before you start protesting, we’re not suggesting you swap out your entire gallery wall, just a few pieces! Gallery walls take a fair amount of work, so it’s no surprise that most folks don’t change them after finally getting all the pieces hung up. But it’s actually pretty easy to swap out a piece or two with the seasons. Stick to the rules you followed when you created your gallery wall (e.g. all wooden frames or all photography or an eclectic mix of everything) and get some seasonal art custom framed to suit your display.

Have you noticed the key to easily swapping your seasonal art? Custom framing! Opting for custom framing allows you to choose the exact frame size, style, color, and mat options to make your seasonal display shine. Ready to start swapping? Head to your local FastFrame store to get started today!

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