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How to Turn Your Favorite Live Music into Lasting Memories

How to Turn Your Favorite Live Music into Lasting Memories

We all have a music memory with a special place in our hearts—maybe it’s the first concert you ever went to, a festival where you met your best friend, or a beloved band you saw on date night. Reminiscing is fun, but it’s even better to honor your memories by giving them a special place on your wall! With our inspired custom framing ideas, you’ll be able to turn your favorite live music experiences into lasting memories that you can enjoy every day.

Select a Selfie

Frame a picture of you and a loved one enjoying the music along with the crowd. Browse through your photos and choose one that best captures the energy of the moment. Bonus points if you’re singing along or waving a lighter!

Pick a Poster

Take that band poster out of the cardboard tube and get it custom framed! You’ll add a dash of unique design to your home and hearken back to a favorite memory. Didn’t buy a poster at the concert? No worries! You can get an original or a reprint from an online marketplace.

Treasure a T-shirt

Have a band t-shirt you love but don’t wear? Get it custom framed! Whether it’s been through the wringer at a dozen music festivals or it was autographed by the lead singer and is still in pristine condition, custom framing will both preserve and display it.

Take a Ticket

If you have concert tickets languishing in a drawer somewhere, dig them out and have them made into a custom-framed display! Try picking a theme, such as your favorite band’s shows or a genre of music. Wristbands and backstage passes can also be worked into the display!

Reach for a Record

Classic albums make great wall decor, but don’t exclude the newer music-makers! As younger folks embrace the joy of listening to vinyl, more and more modern bands are selling records at the merch table. Try making a display by grouping three or four of your favorite albums together.

Print that Picture

Whether you paid extra for a professional photo at a meet and greet or you accidentally bumped into the band outside the tour bus and snapped a selfie, you need to get that picture framed! After all, you need something to point to when you say, “Did I ever tell you about when I met…”

Adore the Artwork

Music is often accompanied by inspiring artwork. We mentioned record covers, but you can also custom frame inserts from cd’s and cassette tapes, stickers, and other ephemera. Get multiple mat openings or opt for a collage style to include several pieces in one custom-framed display.

Present a Program

We know there are some classical music lovers out there, too! You can custom frame tickets and programs from especially memorable nights spent listening to your favorite composer or orchestra. Framing sheet music is another fun way to highlight a classical music moment.

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