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Fresh Color Trends You’ll Want to Try Now!

Fresh Color Trends You’ll Want to Try Now!

It’s time to get comfortable with color! The latest color palettes are surprisingly easy to achieve and they’ll look great for years to come. Whether you want to paint walls and buy a new sofa or simply update your custom-framed art and swap your throw pillows, bringing new colors into your space is a great way to achieve a whole new look. Read on to discover our favorite buzz-worthy hues and how to introduce these trendy, yet timeless colors into your home!

Color Trend #1: Harmonious Natural Hues

After such a tumultuous year and a half, it’s no surprise that people are drawn to calming, natural colors. We’re seeing lots of earthy tones, warm neutrals, soothing blues, and soft pastels. Grounding colors that connect us to nature create a comforting atmosphere that references both stability and growth—two things we could all use in our lives!

Color Palettes to Try:
Dusty Pink + Linen + Walnut
Terracotta + Aegean Blue + White Oak
Taupe + Olive + Cream

Color Trend #2: Cheerful Vibrant Colors

Bold, happy colors are popping up in people’s homes more and more often—and why not? Cheerful hues give off a feeling of optimism and energy. Sunny yellows, verdant greens, and vibrant oranges are balanced with deep purples, more subdued blues, and a healthy dose of neutrals. Bold colors can give off a retro vibe, which can be emphasized or modernized depending on how you combine them.

Color Palettes to Try:
Mango + Fern + Light Grey
Sunny Yellow + Graphite + Mulberry
Saffron + Jade + Sand

Easy Ways to Introduce Your New Color Palette

If you want to give your space a total refresh without buying all new furniture, simply dress up your walls! Paint them all a new hue or find a fun wallpaper that fits your color scheme. Alternatively, you can choose one accent wall which still makes a statement while saving time and money.

What you put on your walls has a huge impact on your space, so we recommend a display of custom-framed art. Choose art that references the hues in the rest of the room and customize it with mat and frame options that suit your decor. For a simple, yet bold statement, try one oversize piece of art or a triptych (display of three). To cover more wall space and add more visual interest, try a gallery wall or picture ledges—the latter makes it easy to swap art out when you want a refresh. Even if you don’t feel motivated to paint or wallpaper your walls, simply hanging new custom-framed art will give your room a whole new look!

After your walls are wow-worthy, layer in more pieces that emphasize your new color scheme. We recommend starting with smaller items at first. Think pillows, throws, curtains, rugs, end tables, small decorative accents, as well as anything else that adds color and texture and is easy to swap! You can always buy a new sofa or armchair down the road, but simply changing out textiles, smaller furniture, and decorative accents will have a huge impact on your space.

Decorate with Color Trend #1: Harmonious Natural Hues

Dusty Pink + Linen + Walnut

Try painting your walls a lovely dusty pink hue and opt for flooring or rugs in a neutral color like linen. Choose artwork that combines both those hues and have it custom-framed in a simple minimalist frame. Add in some walnut wood furniture, a plant in a textured basket, and plush textiles in soothing neutrals.

Decorate with Color Trend #2: Cheerful Vibrant Colors

Mango + Fern + Light Grey

Paint your walls a cheery mango sorbet color. Opt for light grey furniture, mixing in blonde woods and white to balance out the bold walls. Try a picture ledge with simple custom-framed art that adds visual interest without overwhelming the space. Add in another small splash of color with a few decorative accents like lamps, plants, and a pouf in verdant fern green.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips for refreshing your home with the latest colors popular with design pros and DIYers alike! Custom framing is key to getting this look right, so be sure to stop by your local FastFrame store to start your color refresh today!

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