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How to Practice Intentional Gift-Giving

How to Practice Intentional Gift-Giving

The holidays are a joyous time of year and gift-giving is often part of the festive fun!

While many of us enjoy giving presents, we can easily waste money and resources on unwanted items. That’s a shame for the gift-giver and the recipient—no one wants to throw away money or wind up with a bunch of stuff they don’t need! Thankfully, there’s a solution: intentional gift-giving. This style of gifting emphasizes thoughtfulness to intentionally choose special presents that will be used and loved. Read our guide for pro tips on simplifying your holidays with intentional gift-giving!


It may feel a little taboo, but talking about presents will help you give more intentional gifts. Don’t be afraid to ask someone what they want or the types of gifts they enjoy. (This works both ways—you can also share what you would like to receive!) While it does take away some element of surprise, it ensures your gift will be loved and used. It’s also helpful to have a conversation about personal values. For example, people who strive for a more minimal lifestyle don’t want presents that create a lot of clutter and folks concerned about sustainability will desire gifts that align with that value. You can also learn if there’s a particular cause or charity close to your loved one’s heart and get presents that support that mission.

Give consumables

Everyone enjoys consumable gifts! They can be thoroughly enjoyed and they don’t take up any room once they’ve been used. Just be sure to tailor your gift to your loved one’s tastes to guarantee they’ll get plenty of joy from using your gift. Ideas: Premium coffee or tea, Fancy chocolate or candies, A nice bottle of wine, Pampering bath and body products, Arts and crafts supplies

Give experiences

Experiences make fantastic gifts because they can be shared and remembered for many years to come. There are plenty of creative options, so no matter what your budget or your recipient’s interests, you’ll find an option they’ll love. Ideas: Gift card for a massage or manicure, Tickets to a concert, Sports season passes, Museum or zoo membership, Movie ticket vouchers

Give memories

It’s easy to lose sight of life’s beautiful moments when we’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Choosing a gift that brings back fond memories will remind your loved one to pause, smile, and cherish those special moments. Ideas: Commission art featuring their childhood home or a beloved pet, Custom frame a photo depicting a special moment, Have a shadow box crafted to display heirlooms, Send a letter about a favorite shared memory, Custom frame a beloved family recipe

Give education

Learning new skills strengthens our brains, helps us become more adaptable to change, and makes us more interesting people. Now that’s a great gift! Choose an in-person or online lesson that’s both intriguing and convenient for your recipient. Ideas: A cooking class, Language lessons, A yoga lesson, An art or craft class, A community college course

Give time

The older we get, the more we realize how precious time is—and that’s why it’s such a thoughtful gift. There’s nothing better than quality time with loved ones, so your present can be simply being present! Ideas: Babysitting or pet sitting, Cook a meal together, Help with cleaning or house projects, Offer lessons in something you’re skilled at, Spend the day together doing a favorite activity

We hope you enjoyed our intentional gift-giving guide! For more festive fun, check out 12 Fun & Easy Holiday Decor Ideas.

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