4 Reasons He Deserves a Man Cave

The man in your life sure can be difficult to buy for. Whether it’s his birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion, you might be struggling to come up with unique gift ideas. Well, we’ve got just the plan to make whatever the occasion the most memorable day ever. Round up the fam and design him a man cave! Not sure where to begin? Does he really need this? Check out our 4 reasons why he deserves nothing less than a designer man cave.

1. Because everyone deserves a place for respite after a long day.

Stress often causes a multitude of physical problems like high blood pressure and tension headaches. We want our fathers to stay healthy and happy—for everyone’s sake! Stress causes irritability and a short temper, both of which can be damaging to marriages and the family’s mood. A man cave will help reduce this stress and ensure everyone is chill and relaxed. This retreat to decompress and recharge will bring even more benefits to the dads continuing to work from home. The quick getaway a man cave offers from the pressures of work will be invaluable. . 

Design tips: Blue or green are great colors to paint this new space as they promote ease and relaxation. Custom-framed posters of national parks or photos of nature can help create the feeling of escape as well.

2. Because it creates space to display his memorabilia.

We all deserve to have space to express our personal taste and display what we cherish. While other spaces in the home should include Dad, oftentimes the things he loves don’t quite work with the living room decor. It’s so healthy for men to have a place to proudly display things they find important though. Instead of keeping everything in a box that’s pushed aside, give dad this new space to decorate with what he loves.

Design tips: Instead of pinning jerseys or tacking pennants to the walls, have these items custom framed. Not only will this provide an elevated look, but it will also protect these special items for years to come. If Dad played a sport in school, create a gallery wall with memorabilia he’s held onto. Sports equipment, uniforms, team photos, ribbons—all these items can be custom-framed with a quality mat to look great!

3. Because his gear is important to him.

Does he like to hunt? To fish? To paint or craft? Instead of stuffing the equipment that accompanies these hobbies into the garage, give him space to properly organize and store these items. While they may look messy displayed elsewhere in the home, if you create for him this man cave it will allow him to share with others the things that give him pleasure.

Design tips: Wall shelves, glass display cabinets, and open bookcases with bins are all great storage solutions for much of his gear. Just make sure hunting supplies and fishing hooks are stored safely from the younger folks that might wander in.

4. Because he loves watching sports with his crew.

A man cave gives Dad a place to stretch out and watch the big game with his friends. Giving him this space means that the family room is available for the rest of the family during those long NASCAR races or football games. His man cave will be a place to not only hang out and be loud without anyone else caring, but will provide a safe space for bonding, venting, and conversation with his friends without judgment.

Design tips: Big televisions don’t always look great. Did you know FastFrame can frame your flat screen? Our designers can help you choose a frame that will make your television a bold focal point. We can even coordinate the frame and television with his new man cave decor for a subtle style.

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