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The Best New Interior Design Trends of 2023

The Best New Interior Design Trends of 2023

What’s new for 2023

Each new year brings fresh interior design trends—and we’re pretty excited about what 2023 has to offer! This year, expect to see more marble, nostalgia-fueled design, and touches of luxury in unexpected places. We’re also enjoying a delightful resurgence of Art Deco, embracing imperfections, and falling in love with dark wood again. No matter what your decor style, you’re sure to get inspired by one (or more!) of these fabulous 2023 interior design trends.

Mad about marble

From the Parthenon in Athens to Grand Central Station in New York City, marble has been put to good use for centuries! The last couple of years have seen this beautiful stone surge in popularity in the interior design world. Long associated with classicism, modern takes on marble impart a sense of luxury to any space and work with many decor styles. Marble gives a stately, spacious look when used for larger applications like floors, countertops, and tables. Smaller items like bookends, vases, and trays add a touch of elegance to your decor.

Nostalgia trip

People are seeking out nostalgic design more than ever before to personalize their homes while making them feel comfortable and cozy. This trend tells your unique story, so it means different things to different people. For some, it’s a 1970s vibe with shag rugs and lots of avocado green. For other’s it’s a country cottage look with ditsy florals and dark wood. Another bonus: nostalgic design incorporates lots of unique, eco-friendly vintage items. We suggest mixing in some newer pieces for an effect that feels modern, yet familiar.

Unexpected luxury

Laundry rooms, closets, reading nooks, powder rooms, basements—they’re all getting unexpected upgrades with luxurious touches. These “forgotten” spaces are often perfunctory, but this trend is giving them a much-needed makeover. And you don’t need a major renovation to achieve a luxe look! Try swapping out light fixtures with more elegant options, like a chandelier in the laundry room. Add textured wallpaper and deluxe custom-framed art to a powder room. Introduce pops of gold with elegant hardware on your storage pieces.

Art Deco delights

Austere minimalism is on its way out and decorative styles with warmth and personality are being embraced once again. Art Deco is one of the styles seeing a resurgence and we’re here for it! Originally popular in the 1920s-1930s, Art Deco combined modern design inspired by technology with deluxe materials and expert craftsmanship. The updated take on Art Deco emphasizes the style’s geometric patterns, symmetry, and brighter colors (like Pantone’s Color of the Year, Viva Magenta). Use Art Deco elements to give your space a bold and elegant look.

Perfectly imperfect

The Japanese concept of wabi-sabi encourages us to seek the beauty in imperfection. We love applying this philosophy to the home, where it can be easy to fixate on having a Pinterest-perfect space. Let go of that idea of perfection and embrace those imperfections! Irregularities make something unique and perceived flaws can add character. Handwoven rugs with uneven edges, hand-thrown pottery from a local artist, a vintage quilt featuring hand-stitching—they all add a perfectly imperfect dash of personality to your home.

Wondrous dark wood

After years of light wood tones taking center stage, dark wood is back to share the spotlight! People are getting more daring with their design choices and aren’t afraid to go bolder with darker wood tones. (Cottagecore, the trendy country cottage aesthetic, may have played a role in popularizing it again.) Dark wood can work with many decor styles. It provides contrast in lighter spaces while adding a luxurious, organic element to any room. For a more refined look, choose naturally dark woods rather than light woods that are stained dark.

There are so many great trends this year, we can’t decide which we like best! For more fresh design advice, check out 6 Reasons to Love Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year. Custom-framed art is a great way to explore new trends—visit your local FastFrame store to browse all our stylish framing options!

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